Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Notes in Review - With Endless Sight

With Endless Sight
by Allison Pittman

Thirteen-year-old Belinda leaves her Illinois home with her family, all of them bound for a new life in Oregon, 1861. Disaster strikes mid-way through the long, arduous trip, leaving the young girl wounded, alone…and completely at the mercy of the man who put her there. Ever the devout Christian, Belinda’s faith is sorely tried as she comes to terms with violence, loss, sickness, and hunger in the months and years ahead.

The twists and turns of her life’s path take her first to a barebones shack in the mountains, where she discovers an unexpected—albeit hard-won—ability to forgive. It settles her under the roof of a house of ill repute, where she discovers more about herself than she ever wanted to know.

And it will ultimately lead her to her destiny.

Allison Pittman doesn’t balk at difficult and controversial subjects. In With Endless Sight, sin is presented in all its ugliness and forced to shrink against the shining light of love and the wonder of salvation. Gambling, robbery, murder, lust and sexual violence…they all become all-too-familiar to the once pampered and sheltered young heroine, who discovers a hitherto unrealized capacity for wrongdoing even in herself. Is her faith founded and her heart fixed enough to bring her through the fire unsinged?

A beautifully written, tightly woven tale that inspires and entertains with moments of laugh-out-loud humor and others of gut-wrenching dread. An emotional odyssey that relentlessly pulls the reader in, acquaints her intimately with the characters, and involves her heart-deep in the moral dilemmas peppered throughout.

With Endless Sight is storytelling at its best.

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