Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Notes of Devotion: Rhonda Clark

God is the Sugar in the Cookies of Our Lives
(Part 1)

God’s Taste Test

So, because you are lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of My mouth! Revelation 3:16(AMP)

They’re perfect.

They’re beautiful.

They smell divine.

I stare at the most awesome chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made. With anticipation, I lift a cookie to my smiling lips and take a bite. The comforting sensation I expected as the warm morsel melts on my tongue isn’t there. An unexpected flavor fills my mouth. The texture is correct, but the taste is more along the lines of wet cardboard. I rush to the sink and spit out the revolting, palette-offending imitation.

I furrow my brow and grab the flour-coated recipe. Something on the cabinet catches my eye. It’s the white sugar I forgot to add. The perfectly measured cup sits amongst the mess on the counter. How on earth could I forget the most important part? My dream of winning a blue ribbon at this year’s county fair fades like a distant balloon in the sky. I don’t have time to make another batch. Disappointed and heartbroken, I rake the entire batch into the trash.

I stare into the garbage can, and think how these cookies reflect the Christian life. To the world, we may appear to be perfect Christians. We’re always doing God’s good works but, when it comes down to it, can we pass God’s taste test? Do we have all the ingredients in our lives that God requires Christians to have? Or are we perfect imitations?

God knows what’s in our hearts. He knows our thoughts and our attitude. Even though we may look perfect to the world, we are rancid on God’s palette. He is the one who makes us sweet—He adds the sugar to our lives. For those who do not have His sweet goodness in their lives, He will throw them into the fiery pit, just as I tossed my perfect, but revolting cookies into the trash.

Dear Father in Heaven, I want you to be the sugar in my life. Make my life sweet and delicious to all I meet, especially to my family and friends. Let my life be the real thing, not an imitation. In Your precious name, Amen.

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