Saturday, August 2, 2008

Review Notes

Healing Promises

by Amy Wallace

Clint Rollins is a strong man. A well-respected and courageous FBI agent, he loves his job, loves bringing down the bad guys. But then a gunshot wound brings him down…and coincidentally saves his life when routine hospital tests reveal cancer. Maybe…just maybe…they’ve caught it in time to prevent the worst from happening.

As an oncologist, Dr. Sara Rollins works with cancer patients on a daily basis, constantly striving to bring them hope in often hopeless situations. But when the deadly disease strikes the man she loves, her entire life spins out of control. In the midst of the chaos of chemotherapy, mood swings, and depression—her own as well as Clint’s—Sara struggles with diminishing faith and swiftly ebbing strength.

Clint insists on returning to work well before his doctors grant approval. Despite the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy, he’s determined to stop a serial kidnapper who likes to play God with the lives of little brown-haired, blue-eyed boys. He too struggles with discouragement and wavering faith in a God he’s always trusted implicitly.

For the kidnapper, Clint’s interference is a thirteen-year-old poison. He fully intends to see the detective—and his family—pay for everything he has lost.

Healing Promises is an emotional journey through the lives of very real characters with heart-breakingly genuine problems. It’s a lesson in trust, a vivid portrait of humanity in crisis and faith put to the ultimate test. It’s a picture of tenacity and triumph, of joy and sorrow. And it’s a beautiful example of learning to lean on a God who “giveth and taketh away,” who loves unconditionally and without ceasing—a God who is good…all the time.

Amy Wallace delivers in Healing Promises. Absolutely unforgettable!

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