Thursday, November 6, 2008

God's Voice in the Falling Leaves

I love Autumn! There’s something so definitive about the changes taking place all around us.

Our beautiful maple trees, in whose elegant green frocks I delighted not so long ago, now stand regal and unashamed in their near nakedness. The lawn is brown and crunchy underfoot. Crisp winds shake the bare branches, stubbornly ridding them of even the most tenacious of leaves.

Unlike the trees, I venture outside bundled into more and heavier clothing. Even inside, I no longer leave my feet bare. Instead, I’ve pulled out all the warm, wooly socks and cozies I can find. The beds snuggle under heavier blankets and quilts. The fireplace has become the most popular place to read and converse.

While I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, there’s no denying the renewal that takes place in my heart and mind each Fall. It’s as if, as the leaves drift to the ground and the greens die out to be replaced by shades of brown and gold, red and purple and orange, my soul also undergoes a kind of rebirth. There’s a kind of dying out of old worries and concerns, a shedding of stale thoughts and mindsets, and a gradual mental and spiritual rebirth.

I know God gives us the seasons in order to replenish and cultivate the flora and fauna of the earth, to recycle them, if you will. But I wonder if perhaps He realized from the very beginning that humans would need a change of surrounding in order to refresh and renew them…body, soul and mind.

Somehow I think He did. I believe the seasons – while certainly necessary to the agricultural health of the soil, the air, the plants and trees – are another special gift to His people…a

reawakening of the curious, adventurous inner child in each of us. “Look…something’s different. Go see what it’s all about. Discover the unknown wonders within this new terrain. Come outside and play!” Or perhaps…”You’ve been so busy. Your soul needs refreshing. See…Winter approaches, and it’s cold outside. Come inside…get cozy and warm beside the fire…spend a moment with me. Rest your body; renew your mind; revive your spirit.”

I encourage each of you to take a moment right now. Look out your window or step outside and breathe in the Autumn air.

Then listen closely. What is God saying to you?

In the spirit of mental and spiritual refreshment, this month's Bookshelf is packed with goodies from a variety of amazing writers. Chris Miller's study on the names of God, started way back in July, continues now and into 2009. My own

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Enjoy the newsletter - and feel free to leave your comments on any articles that particularly touch you in any way. We love to know we're being read! :)

Happy Fall! Happy Thanksgiving!

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Lisa Lickel said...

Nice post, Delia. We're looking at more snow this weekend in Wisconsin. Makes you glad you can curl up with a book or a good devotional.