Thursday, December 4, 2008

Notes of Devotion - Christine Miller

The Lord My Shepherd

by Christine Miller

Psalm 95:6&7: “Come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord our Maker. For He is our God, and we are the people of His pasture and the sheep of His hand.”

Why do you suppose that God presents Himself to us as our Shepherd? Could it be because He wants us to see: (1) that we are helpless and that (2) we need a caregiver.

Sheep are really dumb; they are also helpless, timid and feeble. They require constant care and have little means of self defense. They have need of the constant care of a shepherd or they will take the wrong path, walk into danger or eat the wrong food. Sheep can also become cast down – stuck on their backs, panic and die. Can you not see why God chose this description of us? When left to our own devices, we make poor choices, get into an unhealthy rut and put ourselves in harm’s way. I shudder to think where I would be today without the protection of my Jehovah-Raah.

Now, one of the biggest “perks” of belonging to Him is realizing how very much I need Him. It is really a joy to me to know deep within my soul that I am lost without Him.

(Ezekiel 34:11-12: “For thus says the Lord God, ‘Behold, I Myself will search for My sheep and seek them out. As a shepherd cares for his herd in the day when he is among his scattered sheep, so I will care for My sheep and will deliver them from all the places to which they were scattered on a cloudy and gloomy day.”)

What an AWESOME God!

About Christine:

Christine Miller lives in Bakersfield, California, with her husband of 40 years. She and Ken are blessed by two wonderful children, a teriffic son in-law and daughter in-law and four "fantabulous" grandchildren!

Christine considers Cursillo—a renewal Movement which she feels changed her life—to be her major ministry. “I love the in-depth study of God's Word and leading others concerning its life application—through both teaching and writing,” she says.

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