Thursday, December 4, 2008

Remember the Reason for the Season

by Delia Latham

December is here…already! It seems to me that each year passes more quickly than the previous one.

Already we're seeing signs of Christmas. From grocery stores to department stores to online stores – all boast decorations of red and white, reminders of the big day approaching, sales prices to further entice shoppers, and lots of ho-ho-hos, fat men in red suits, and glittery pine trees.

It saddens me to see so few reminders of the true reason for the season. Aside from the occasional nativity scene, Jesus seems to have been forgotten in the commercialism of this most joyous of holidays. I vote we make an all-out effort to bring Him back. What do you say? Let ours be the homes that hail the babe in the manger. Let ours be the cards that trumpet His praises! Those who own shops, why not let yours be the ones that decorate in His honor?

It’s such a little thing, but if we all band together, our voices can be heard. Our Saviour can be recognized on this holiday, which is supposed to be all about Him in the first place.So here’s my suggestion: Let’s each make a concerted effort this year to bring Jesus back into Christmas. Can we do it? Yes, we can!

I know you’ll enjoy the December edition of The Bookshelf. Several talented, interesting authors have dropped by to share with us. Feel free to comment on any article you particularly like…or dislike for that matter. Just be nice, even if you disagree with something! J I know we can do that.

Enjoy the holidays, one and all. I pray you’re able to spend Christmas with family and loved ones, and that your day is filled with lots of love, good food, and plenty of fun.

Merry Christmas!

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Lisa Lickel said...

Nice job, Delia.
Good thoughts for every one. I especially like Amy's take on tips this month.
Merry Christmas,