Thursday, April 2, 2009

God in the Storm

A recent unexpected snowstorm found my husband and myself, along with my sister-in-law Elaine, on the road between Tulsa and home. It was pretty scary stuff for folks from a California desert, who have mostly seen snow in Currier & Ives pictures. Within a couple hours of the first snowflake, we had several inches of slippery white stuff on the ground and visibility that left a lot to be desired.

Beautiful? Oh, yes, it was! We have some gorgeous photos to prove it. Dangerous? Yep. In fact, despite being equipped with four-wheel drive and inching along at a snail's pace, our vehicle spun briefly out of control. Just for a few seconds – but long enough to send us directly into the path of another car, which plowed right into our driver’s side door, spun around and hit us again on our rear bumper.

From the moment we started sliding, three voices inside that car were calling on the name of Jesus. No one screamed. None of us fell apart. But the instant we realized the slippery road had control, we instinctively began to call on the only One who could save us.

God was faithful, as always, and no one in either vehicle was injured. I can’t deny being shook up – once it was over, I cried most of the way home. But we were all alive, and Elaine’s car was still in operating condition despite a couple of rather unsightly dents.

It left me contemplating sudden storms of another nature. Most of the time, they come on us without warning and wreak havoc on our lives. Often they send us on emotional, out-of-control spins in disastrous directions. And sometimes we fall hard and land painfully. But God never fails. We may emerge with bumps and bruises and tearstained cheeks, with tattered pride and a hurting heart – but we will come through victorious if we’ve trusted ourselves completely to the hands of our Rock and our Salvation. He always comes out a winner at the finishing line!

I’m so grateful God was with us in that storm. In no time at all after the accident, we were back on the road, driving even more slowly and with extra care. We all had a heightened awareness of the dangerous beauty all around us, but we were “back in business.” (Find more on that subject in Jo Huddleston’s thought-provoking devotion.) God is good … all the time!

Our spotlight author this month is DeAnna Dodson, whose website invites the reader to “Step into a world of adventure, romance and faith. Step into time ….” I know you will enjoy our chat with this historical fiction author.

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Have a happy Easter month, and remember what it’s all about … He is risen - indeed!

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