Thursday, April 2, 2009

Notes in Review


by Mary Connealy

The orphan train just pulled into the small town of Sour Springs, Texas. Grant races to the station, set on claiming any leftover children – those nobody else wants. He’s just in time to save two of them from a long, sad trip back to the orphanage.

But the train dropped off more than homeless children this time around. Along with two adorable but troubled kids, both of whom Grant falls in love with instantly, it left behind Hannah Cartwright. She’s a snippy little schoolmarm who’s bound and determined to prove the rather unkempt-looking rancher unfit to raise the houseful of younguns he’s rescued one (or several) at a time off the streets or the orphan train.

Add to the chaotic mix a couple of con artists set on getting their hands on Grant’s land for the oil he doesn’t even know he has. Blend in Grant’s own frustrating attraction to the meddlesome and thoroughly annoying new schoolteacher, and you’ve got the makin’s of a riotously funny, absolutely irreverent tale of unexpected romance and old West shenanigans.

This third novel in the Lassoed in Texas series by Mary Connealy is a wonderfully fun new thread in the fabric of tall tales woven by this amazing author. Connealy tackles serious life issues such as abandoned children, child abuse and the professional con game, and handles them with enough humor to make them bearable and enough realism to keep them believable.

Incredible, unforgettable storytelling!

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