Saturday, May 2, 2009

Floods and Faith and Foil-Covered Windows

All around us here in east central Oklahoma, the recent rainy weather has created havoc. Flash flooding has destroyed homes and businesses and claimed lives. It leaves behind an ugly waterline, a scar that won’t be easily removed or forgotten.

I spent the biggest part of yesterday in bed, with the lights out and all sources of possible noise turned off, distinctly grateful for the foil my husband put on our windows – much against my will – this past summer. After awakening with a blinding headache, I was simply unable to do anything else. Up toward evening, I finally felt like sitting up for awhile, and that’s when I got a call from California. A family member, inquiring as to whether or not the flooding had touched us. I said no, it hadn’t, and thanked my sister-in-law for calling.

Truth is, I hadn’t even heard about the watery mess in surrounding areas. I’d been secure in my own home, news off, computer unvisited while I nursed a migraine. I had no idea what was happening in the world around me. Concerned now, I tuned in to the news and discovered the chaos my “neighbors” were enduring not 50 miles away. I breathed a prayer of gratitude for His mercies, grateful that when I’m unable to watch out for myself, God’s got my back. And I prayed for all those men and women and children who are homeless right now as a result of nature’s wrath. I know God is with them, too … in spite of the storm.

That’s the clencher of our faith, isn’t it? It’s easy for me, here in my dry home, with the rain and wind shut outside my doors, to bask in God’s goodness – to believe He’s watching out for me. But how do I react when the flood waters push through the doors and windows to destroy my little treasures and cause upheaval in my life? Do I still believe God is good? Am I still certain He’s got my back? Is my confidence shaken when the storms touch me?

When I hear the roar of the lion, do I still believe God will shut the mouth of the wild beast and make it blind to my presence? Can He ... will He allow me to live through a night in the lion's den?

Unfortunately, I fear that most of us – myself included – are not quite so confident in the midst of the storm. When a tornado-like wind picks us up and tosses us around like a leaf in a whirlwind, we question God’s vigilance, His love, even His existence. When we feel the lion's hot breath on our skin, we doubt Him entirely.

But God is God, no matter how vicious the storm or how painful the loss. He’s still God, and He’s still good. Will we always understand His design? No. Not until we get our chance to talk to Him face to face and He provides the answers to all the questions of life.

We will doubt. We will question. We will waver. We will rebel. But God is God, and He forgives us. God is good, and He helps us recover from every blow. He’ll fade the waterline and lighten the scar. He’ll bring back the sun and stop the wind. Because He knows our human frailties, and that we can take only so much buffeting. Because He cares.

God is good … all the time!

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Kathleen said...

I was concerned as to how you have made it through all of the weather that has been going on around you. I am thankful that you have not been touched by it all. And yes it is easy to say that God is there for us as long as we are not suffering through anything but what about those storms?.......I have been through a few of them........and yes God has always been there, even when I had doubt.