Saturday, May 2, 2009

Review - Age Before Beauty

Age Before Beauty

by Virginia Smith

Allie Harrod is not a particularly happy camper.

She has a great husband and a beautiful newborn daughter. But she also has a closet full of clothes that no longer fit, a mirror that reflects an overweight woman she doesn’t even know, and an employer who eagerly awaits her return to work after maternity leave. Therein lies the problem. Allie doesn’t want to leave little Joanie and return to work. Despite all the best-laid plans she and hubby Eric have made for their lives, she finds herself longing to be a stay-at-home mom for baby Joanie.

So she dives headfirst into direct sales, and soon finds herself in way over her head. As if her life isn’t chaotic enough, Allie’s taciturn mother-in-law shows up on her doorstep and seems determined to make Allie’s house her own; Eric is spending too much time with his attractive co-worker outside of work; and the shiny new credit card Allie obtained “just for business purposes” is showing an unbelievable balance. She’s in trouble, with no idea how to get herself out of it.

When her sister tries to share her newfound salvation with Allie, she stubbornly refuses to hear. She can handle her life all by herself. She’ll find a way to do it on her own – not even Eric needs to help.

Will Allie learn to lean on her heavenly Father in time to save her sanity – and her marriage?

In typical Virginia Smith fashion, Age Before Beauty is a perfect blend of poignancy and humor. Allie’s determination to be strong and independent lands her in hot water over and again. The reader laughs and cries and longs to teach the headstrong young woman a lesson before she learns it the hard way on her own. This second book in the Sister-to-Sister series is a fun peek into the lives of a close-knit family of sisters, and an eye-opening look at what can happen in a life where God is left out of the equation.

Excellent writing!

Reviewed by Delia Latham


Holly said...

I also enjoyed this book very much! It was the first one I had read by Virginia Smith.
You can check out my review at:

Delia Latham said...

Thanks for stoppping by, Holly! I did visit your review, but was unable to leave a comment, for whatever reason. I do agree though - any woman who's expecting child, is a new mother, or expect to someday have children should read this book.

Virginia Smith said...

Thank you so much, ladies! I apprecite your kind comments about my book more than I can say.