Saturday, August 1, 2009

Little Feet

Little Feet

by Delia Latham

Pitty-patter. Pitty-patter.

I woke up to the sound and smiled as I lay there and just listened. Nothing outdoes the pitty-patter of little bitty feet to make the heart sing and the soul sigh with wonder. Especially when those little footsteps are your own beloved children's—or, in this case, grandchildren's.

Hubby and I have so enjoyed the opportunity for the past three weeks to have our oldest daughter and her two little ones—Savannah and Aidan—in our home. Since they live in California and we’re in Oklahoma, the chance to be with them for such a lengthy period of time doesn’t come often and is a definite salve for the soul. God always knows when our hearts are lonely, sad, bruised or broken, and He always prescribes the perfect antidote. He is the physician of all physicians!

Our time together for this visit is winding down far too quickly. I miss Jondra and the babies already, and they’re not even gone. But I’m so grateful for their visit. I am blessed!

Speaking of a salve for the soul … be sure to check out Debbie Thomas’ devotional, “First Aid for the Soul” in this edition.

Our guest author is Amanda Cabot. Chatting with this gracious lady was, for me, a distinct pleasure. If you enjoy reading the interview half as much as I loved getting it, this article alone will make the August “Bookshelf” a blessing.

I’m including a bonus article this month by Julie Dearyan. Her take on the constant struggle by most of us to “get everything done” is like a refreshing breeze in the summertime. Take a deep breath, relax, and forgive yourself for not being Wonder Woman or Superman. That’s not who God created you to be.

Writers … this month’s tips come from the pen of Tiffany Coulter, The Writing Career Coach. It’s good stuff. I guarantee you’ll find something beneficial in this piece.

Look in on the monthly drawing. You never know when your name will fill the winner’s spot!

Don’t forget that The Bookshelf is now a bi-monthly publication. The next edition will be posted at the beginning of October.

Enjoy the August edition! As always, feel free to comment on anything you like—or don’t like, of course. Just remember to keep a Christian spirit about anything less than positive you want to say.

And now I’m off to be with my grandbabies.

Pitty-patter, pitty-patter…

Note: I have revived my blog, The Melody Within. Please come on over from time to time and say hello! Also, if you're interested in writing information, I have a new article posted on Tracy Culleton's Fiction Writer's Mentor. Hope on over and check it out. I hope you find something helpful.


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