Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Friend of God

First I want to apologize to all of my wonderful contributors. I asked all of you to get your content to me by October 1st, which you so graciously did. My intentions were to actually get The Bookshelf posted as soon thereafter as possible, but I got waylaid by an emergency surgery. Had to have my appendix out and, of course, since I am who I am … they found diverticulitis and gallstones, as well. Came home to the unwelcome realization that I had no internet connection, and that little kink in the works has only been fixed today. Anyway, it’s been a crazy start to the month, and it’s taken me awhile to actually feel like putting this all together. I am so appreciate all of my author “friends” who contribute such great content. This month in particular, I absolutely could not have done it without your help!

Being in a hospital approximately forty miles from home kind of limits the number of visitors you get. Which means I had plenty of time to just think and talk to God. He and I had lots of together time, and I came out feeling I knew Him a little better than I did when I went in. Which is wonderful, but it also made me remember something important that we humans so easily forget: Knowing God better is something we can do every day of our lives—not just in times of trouble and stress.

How? Well, the same way you get to know anyone better! Spend time with Him. Talk to Him. Tell Him what’s in your heart. Let Him know how wonderful you think He is, and how much you enjoy His company. You can tell your heavenly Father anything…about everything. And when you’ve done that, pause awhile and listen for His voice, as well. Good conversations are not one-sided, are they? If we don’t give God His chance to have some input, then we’ve spoken to Him—not with Him. Speaking to God might make us feel better, but so might unloading on a disinterested psychiatrist! Speaking with God develops and builds a relationship.

It makes Him a friend.

What a be God’s friend! We can, you know. He was a friend of Moses—and proudly said so. Exodus 33:17 – You have found favor with me, and you are my friend. In case you don’t remember what prompted that powerful statement from the lips of the Almighty, let me remind you. Moses asked to know Him. He wanted to converse with his Maker face to face, friend to friend. And guess what? The request thrilled the Creator of the Universe right down to his oh-so-holy toenails!

My challenge to each of you this month is to consciously face the knowledge that you can be a friend of God. He loves spending time with you, and even though He already knows your heart, it makes Him happy when you tell Him what’s in it—and listen while He shares His heart with you.

I hope you enjoy this month’s Bookshelf. Several wonderful authors contributed to its content, and you’re bound to find something to enjoy.

If you do, please…leave a comment and let us know. Then share the link to The Bookshelf with one of your friends.

Until December…


Jerre said...

That is an awesome post and makes a good sunday school lesson for young people...!
Hope your getting better and our prayers are always with you.

Jerre Long

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful to be in that kind of relationship with God. Your writing almost sounds like what we heard from our pastor at Life Tab. Wichita Falls last night. Betty

LuAnn said...

Hi, Delia. So glad all went well for you with the surgeries and all. Welcome home!

Lisa Lickel said...

Jeepers, wondered why you were so quiet on the farm! Glad you're okay.

Delia Latham said...

My thanks to each of you for stopping by! Jerre, it is always my hope and my prayer that something I say in these posts will benefit someone. If I can encourage youth to know God better, color me ecstatic! :)

Betty, so glad you dropped by. Thanks for your encouraging comment!

LuAnn and Lisa ... hiya! :D Tickles me pink when my "buds" stop by to say howdy!