Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Notes in Review (Third Time's a Charm)

Third Time’s a Charm
Virginia Smith

Tori Sanderson loves her job. She loves the great pay checks and the trendy clothes she buys with them. She especially loves the distinct possibility of a great promotion, but she’ll have to win the favor of an overbearing boss to get it. What she does not love is trying to make it happen with her competition breathing down her neck—both professionally and … well, unprofessionally.

Outside of the office, her closest friends are her sisters. When Joan and Allie decide Tori’s job is taking over her life and it’s their duty to help her find Mr. Right, little sister is in for a rollercoaster ride of change.

She can’t imagine herself with a man like Ryan Adams. No money, no real career, absolutely zero interest in expensive clothes and toys. Still, something about the handsome farm boy sends tingles down her spine. Trouble is, it’s hard for Tori to trust love when her own father didn’t love her enough to stick around.

Pressure builds in the office. Emotions threaten to suffocate her at home. And love comes calling without an invitation. Can Tori release old hurts to make room for new happiness? And will she allow a heavenly Father to show her the love her earthly one did not?

This final offering in Virginia Smith’s Sister-to-Sister series is filled with laugh-out-loud humor on the one hand, and tear-jerking sentiment on the other. It’s a sometimes painful look into the hurting heart of a woman abandoned by every little girl’s natural hero—her daddy. While the author’s style seems light-hearted, there are moments of genuine, bald emotion that make the tale unforgettable. Smith possesses an admirable ability to deliver compelling storylines with messages of faith so subtly interwoven as to be near undetectable.

Good writing, good storyline, good way to tie up a series!

Reviewed by Delia Latham

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