Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New & Upcoming Titles

Watch for these 2010 titles from Christian authors:


Third Time’s a Charm
Virginia Smith

Released January 2010

Tori Sanderson has the professional opportunity of a lifetime. If she can prove she's executive material, she's in line for a big promotion. But there's only room for one new account executive, and her co-worker has his eye on the job—and on Tori. Her matchmaking sisters have a handsome handyman in mind for her. But how can she consider romance when she couldn't hold on to the one man who was supposed to love her forever—her own father? The time has come for answers, and Tori decides to search out the father who deserted her twelve years ago. While Tori may find the answers she craves, will she ever be able to love again? A heartwarming story of sisters, retail therapy, and love that endures, Third Time's a Charm is the satisfying conclusion to Virginia Smith's Sister-to-Sister series.

Walking on Broken Glass
Christa Allan

Already sloshed from one-too-many drinks at a faculty party, Leah Thornton cruises the supermarket aisles in search of something tasty to enhance her Starbucks—Kahlua, for example. Two confrontations later—one at the grocery store and the other with her friend Molly—Leah is sitting in the office of the local rehab center facing an admissions counselor who fails to understand the most basic things, like the fact that apple juice is not a suitable cocktail mixer. Rehab is no picnic, and being forced to experience and deal with the reality of her life isn’t Leah’s idea of fun. But through the battle she finds a reservoir of courage she never knew she had, and the loving arms of a God she never quite believed existed.


Liberty's Promise
Amber Miller Stockton

As a new country emerges, three Pennsylvania women wonder who can be trusted. Raelene feels abandoned to the care of a man she dislikes. Elanna’s inquisitive mind may lead her down the road to heartbreak. Margret’s love for a British soldier is built on deception that is bound to backfire.


They Almost Always Come Home
Cynthia Ruchti

When Libby’s husband Greg fails to return from a two-week canoe trip to the Canadian wilderness, the authorities soon write off his disappearance as an unhappy husband’s escape from an empty marriage and unrewarding career. Their marriage might have survived if their daughter Lacey hadn’t died…and if Greg hadn’t been responsible. Libby enlists the aid of her wilderness savvy father-in-law and her faith-walking best friend to help her search for clues to her husband’s disappearance…if for no other reason than to free her to move on. What the trio discovers in the search upends Libby’s presumptions about her husband and rearranges her faith.

Anonymous Bride
(Texas Boardinghouse Brides)
Vickie McDonough

Check yourself into the Texas Boardinghouse Brides series by Vickie McDonough, where you’ll meet Luke Davis, marshal of Lookout, Texas, who flippantly tells his cousin he’d get married if the right woman ever came along. When three mail-order brides are delivered to Luke a month later, he’s in an uncomfortable predicament. How will he ever choose his mate? Rachel Hamilton’s long-time love for Luke is reignited with his return to town. So when three mail-order brides appear, she panics. Will she find the courage to tell Luke that she loves him? Or take an anonymous part in the contest for his hand?


Chasing Lilacs
Carla Stewart

It’s the summer of 1958, and life in the small Texas community of Graham Camp should be simple and carefree. But not for Sammie Tucker. Sammie has plenty of questions about her mother’s “nerve” problems. About shock treatments. About whether her mother loves her.

As her life careens out of control, Sammie has to choose who to trust with her deepest fears: Her best friend who has an opinion about everything, the mysterious boy from California whose own troubles plague him, or her round-faced neighbor with gentle advice and strong shoulders to cry on. Then there’s the elderly widower who seems nice but has his own dark past.

Trusting is one thing, but accepting the truth may be the hardest thing Sammie has ever done.

“A remarkable debut novel. Carla Stewart cleverly captures the stark simplicity of a young girl’s voice with all the masterful qualities of powerful prose. Unforgettable.”
—Susan Meissner, author of The Shape of Mercy

“Chasing Lilacs is the kind of coming of age story that sticks to you beyond the last page. Unforgettable characters, surprising plot twists, and a setting so southern you’ll fall in love with Texas. Carla Stewart is a new talent to watch!”
—Mary E. DeMuth, author of Daisy Chain and A Slow Burn

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Vanishing Act
Elizabeth Johnson

Vanishing Act is the story of Nora James, a young woman who sees her father shot in an alley. Afraid for her life, she hides in tiny Crescent City, Colorado, changing her name, appearance, and job. It worked for months ... but now her luck has run out. A ruthless assassain is on her trail, and soon Nora will be found out. But this time she has FBI Special Agent Nate Andersen by her side. The handsome agent would give his life to protect his assignment, but he's weary of giving his heart ... until a deadly confrontation leaves him with both on the line.


Hatteras Girl
Alice J. Wisler

There are two things that journalist Jackie Donavan dreams about—marriage and owning a bed and breakfast in Nags Head, NC. But why is the bed and breakfast she desires deteriorating, and why won't her relatives behave so that she can go out with the handsome realtor? Filled with quirky friends and relatives that help and hinder Jackie to and from her goals, Hatteras Girl is about uncovering the truth while finding the way to your dreams.

One Year Alone With God: 366 Devotions on the Names of God
by Ava Pennington

One year from now, will you be able to say that you know God better than you id before? One of the best ways to start is by learning what He says about Himself—the names and attributes He gives Himself. One Year Alone with God is a devotional guide to the names and attributes of God. It provides 366 life-changing, personal devotions exploring who God is, who we are, and how we relate to others.

One Year Alone with God will examine each of 122 names and attributes of God from three perspectives:

1. How God describes Himself
2. How this name/attribute changes or strengthens our relationship with Him
3. How this name/attribute changes or strengthens our relationships with others


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Thanks for mentioning "They Almost Always Come Home," Delia!

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You're so welcome! Just received it from the publisher for a review read. I'm looking forward to it!