Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Makeover

Spring steals in on hushed, lady-like footsteps. With gentle firmness, she ushers out the tenacious Old Man Winter, who takes his reluctant leave, grumbling as he goes, and needing more than one firm shove before he disappears. In his wake, on branches recently coated with ice and snow, tiny leaves begin to show themselves…slowly, hesitantly, as if to check the temperature before emerging. A touch of the sun’s warmth will be enough to make them stay, to grow and spread, dressing the naked trees in glorious green garments and an entire palette of colorful accessories.

I’ve missed the green. And while I don’t want to seem an ungracious hostess, Winter definitely overstayed his welcome this time around—I’m not sorry to see him go. Of course, I must confess to a bit of a prejudice toward Lady Spring.

By the time Winter prepares to make his slow exit, my entire soul longs for the colors and warmth of the new season. I clap my hands like an excited child when the first buds appear on the tree branches, and the bright yellow and white of jonquils appear in my front yard. The glorious pink blooms adorning my neighbor’s redbud tree bring a smile every time I glance in that direction. And the tulips—those glorious tulips!

What is it about this season that makes my spirit soar? I think it’s the promise of new life, after Winter’s freezing touch creates a dead, barren landscape. While that season has it’s own type of beauty, there’s just something so reviving about Spring. After the bleakness of Winter, its beauty is almost beyond description.

Puts me in mind of the metamorphosis Christ creates in us when we let Him in. From the arid desert of a sinful heart, He brings forth beautiful new life. Leads us gently into green pastures of the soul. Removes all traces of the empty, ugly, barrenness of our pasts. He creates Spring inside our hearts.

Beautiful Spring!

With Spring outside my window and inside my soul, I’m eager to get this edition of The Bookshelf posted. With the help of authors from Kathy Carlton Willis Communications, it is packed with good stuff! It is my pleasure to welcome our spotlight author, Debbie T. Williams; Cynthia Ruchti, who brings a wonderful devotion filled with warmth and bursting with birdsong; and Kathy Carlton Willis shares her own tips for creating a tagline. Be sure to check out my review of Lori Copeland’s A Kiss for Cade. I love this book, and I know you will, as well. Then of course, there’s the contest and the “Watch for these Titles” section, where you can plan your reading menu for the next several months.

Thanks for being a Bookshelf subscriber! If you’re not subscribed, I invite you to do so now. Each edition is packed with good things from wonderful authors who love the Lord.

Have a happy Spring, full of sunshine and blessings!

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