Monday, June 14, 2010

Treacherous Beauty

Honeysuckle grows wild and rampant around these parts. I love it – it’s pretty and it smells delightful! Trouble is, left unmaintained, it will completely overwhelm and choke out other plants and foliage.

Driving down the road a few days ago, I drew my husband’s attention to a pretty sight. “That would make an interesting photograph,” I told him, suggesting that we should point it out to our daughter, who loves photography. Honeysuckle vines had climbed up a sign post, twining around and over itself from the ground all the way to the top, where it grew in a huge clump, trailing down the sign and almost completely obliterating its message: “WARNING! Underground cables!” We knew the message only because we’d seen the sign in other places around the area.

“Pretty,” he agreed. “But the county will have to cut it back soon, so folks can see that sign.”

Stunned, I sat in silence as the implications washed over me. I hadn’t even considered what that beautiful vine was growing on. All I saw was its beauty—the danger never crossed my mind. Once Johnny pointed it out, I couldn’t help but liken those gorgeous flowering vines to sin’s subtle power plays.

God has provided warnings throughout His Word. We should be familiar with them…recognize them because of their very familiarity. But when sin is allowed to encroach, it quickly overtakes the caution signs, leaving nothing visible except the attractiveness of the temptation. It entices, playing on our emotions and senses to draw us ever nearer. We fail to see the danger, until we can’t escape its consequences.

It pays to be spiritually alert. Sin, though ugly in nature, can present itself beautifully. It is charasmatic…charming…mesmerizing. Luscious and shiny, like the apple that lured Snow White in the familiar fairy tale. Sensuous, appealing…remember
the mythological Siren’s song.

“...the end thereof are the ways of death…”

That sign with it’s beautiful covering of aromatic honeysuckle, gave me a little spirtual jolt…a reminder of the deceptive nature of sin. It parades itself in attractive disguises, but only long enough to destroy a life and claim a soul. The reminder made me dust off my Bible for a refresher course in warning signs…and made me grateful for God’s love in providing them.

Now…on to this month’s offerings. I’m thrilled and honored to again welcome Kathy Carlton Willis and her author clients, along with Jennifer AlLee, our spotlight author. I hope you’ll take a moment to comment on those articles you like best. We love hearing from our readers! J In fact, Jennifer AlLee has generously offered to give a copy of The Pastor’s Wife to someone who comments on either her interview or my review of her book in this edition. Be sure to leave your contact information along with your comment. I’ll need to be able to contact the lucky winner.

Until August…count your many blessings!

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JoAnn said...

Great object lesson, Delia! Thanks for sharing~