Monday, August 9, 2010

Wonderful, EXTRA Good News!

Since the last edition of The Bookshelf, I’ve received wonderful, fabulous, absolutely GREAT news to share. Those of you on my e-mail list will already have received it, but it’s definitely good enough to repeat. :)

I’ve been contracted by White Rose Publishing to write not one…not two…but three novels!

The Solomon’s Gate Series will be based around a Christian dating agency called…you guessed it—Solomon’s Gate. First up will be Destiny’s story. Destiny May is the young lady who founds Solomon’s Gate when she re-enters the work force after a five-year “hiatus,” during which she was her mother’s primary caregiver. In the course of getting Solomon’s Gate up and operational, Destiny finds her own true love in the form of Clay Gallagher—a mountain of a man with a heart to match, a shaggy head of hair, and an adorable crooked smile.

Destiny’s Dream takes a bit of a side trip into areas I’ve shied from in the past. I found myself infusing more suspense into this book, and discovered that I truly enjoyed the taste of it. I think you will too.

I’m currently working on book number two, Kylie’s Kiss. I’ll share more information about this one after Destiny’s story is in your hands. And Gypsy’s Game…well, that’s a ways off. But I have titles, storylines, and…most importantly, of course…contracts. Yes!

No release dates just yet, but when I have them, you’ll be the first to know.

I can't believe how much easier it is to write when I know I have a home for my work. That alone is good news! :)

On to this month’s Bookshelf fare. Our spotlight author is Debbie Fuller Thomas. I think you’ll enjoy our chat with her.

A year ago, Debbie contributed a devotion for the August 2009 Bookshelf. On a recent foray through past editions, I discovered, to my utmost surprise, that I never actually ran that devotion. I posted the title, along with Debbie’s name—even made reference to it in my editorial that month—but I didn’t get the actual devotion in place. How on earth did I manage to do that without any of y’all pointing out the empty place on the page? I apologize—to all of you, and more specifically, to Debbie. That article, “First Aid for the Soul,” is included in this edition.

I borrowed this month’s writing tips piece, by Jon Guenther, from Faithwriters. I found it very interesting, as I’m sure you will. We base our entire lives around Bible principles. Those of us who write Christian fiction (or non-fiction) do the same in our subject matter. Guenther’s article presents the biblical account of creation as a prime example of how to write setting.

My review is a little different from what you usually find here, in that I’m featuring a book of poetry. Connie Arnold’s book, Abundant Comfort and Grace, is packed with simple verses of exactly what the title implies—comfort and grace. Hope and inspiration. God’s love, mercy and kindness. It’s also an aesthetically pleasing book, thanks to the gorgeous photos by Gary Strader.

As always, take a peek at the new and upcoming titles. They’ll give you something to pick up and read while you’re waiting for the next Bookshelf Newsletter… :) And don’t forget to take a peek at the Contest post…your name could be in the winner’s slot.

Many blessings, dear readers!


Tammy Barley said...

Delia, that is fabulous news! Congratulations! God is sooo good!!!



Elaine said...

congraatulaions again Looking forward to 3 great reads.
Love you Lots

Anonymous said...

Delia, I am so excited about your news! I'm thrilled with your successes. I can't wait to read (and review) your new/upcoming books. Please keep me informed. I love you SO much.

Because He Lives,

LuAnn said...

I'm so thrilled for you and I can't wait to read this series!

Delia Latham said...

Thank you, ladies! I can't wait to get your feedback on all of them.

Brenda Capps said...

Delia this is wonderful news. I need a list of all your books out now. I only have one so far,just never got the others. Love ya girlie