Saturday, October 2, 2010

Notes in Review: Daughter of Scarlet

Stolen from her family, Rahab has been forced into harlotry by a harsh master since childhood. Only the luxurious surroundings of her home on the Jericho wall bring her comfort—certainly not the silent, unhearing false gods she’s been taught to worship, nor the friends she does not have. Despised and scorned, she lives in sad solitude, save for the men whose needs she is forced to satisfy, and the master who communicates most effectively through physical and mental abuse.

Until the day Salmon and Amos barge into her home. Narrowly escaping death at their hands, Rahab ultimately offers them sanctuary and helps them escape the soldiers who come in search of the two Israelite spies. They leave with a promise of safety for herself and her family when Israel defeats Jericho and claims its land. After instructing the young woman to hang a scarlet cord from her window to ensure their promise is kept, the men depart. One of them takes with him a piece of Rahab’s heart.

And they do keep their promise. When Jericho is overtaken, Rahab and her family alone are saved. Still, Rahab’s burgeoning love for the God of Abraham is put to the test when she finds herself ostracized by Israel, condemned for a past she had no choice in, and forbidden the love of the one man to whom she would give her heart.

No one makes a Bible story come alive better than Bonnie Winters. Daughter of Scarlet is amazing—riveting action, heart-tugging emotion, authentic detail. I became Rahab in the pages of this book. I felt her pain, her joy, her love … her healing.

A must-read for any woman who feels sullied by a tainted past. Rahab’s story beautifully depicts God’s love for the “mottled sheep.” Absolutely unforgettable!

Reviewed by
Delia Latham

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