Thursday, March 3, 2011

Notes in Review: Code of Justice

Special Agent Heather Sloan’s sister is killed in a helicopter crash that leaves Heather injured but alive. Kit manages to tell Heather to “follow the drugs” before she dies, which raises an alert in Heather’s mind. When investigation proves the copter was sabotaged, she’s determined to see justice for her sister’s death.

Heather sets out to track down Kit’s killer, along with Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Latham. But despite their best efforts, the two of them continue to come up against dead ends. And someone wants Heather as dead as her sister, so Jeremy finds himself in the position of protecting the feisty but incapacitated FBI agent while guarding his own heart and a guilty secret from his past.

With just enough clues to leave them clueless, emotions run high, and Heather and Jeremy find themselves at counterpoints—even as they deal with an undeniable attraction to each other. Heather decides on a dangerous course of action to draw out the murderer. Meanwhile, Jeremy discovers the killers identity, and must take desperate action to save Heather from a killer who’s closer than she realizes.

Code of Justice is a riveting read. The message of God’s ultimate control over every situation is woven seamlessly into the fabric of the story, and never feels preachy or overdone. The author knows how to create a three-dimensional character, and does so with amazing skill in this romantic suspense. The hero and heroine make no claims to perfection, but possess massive amounts of heart and humanity. A gripping story, well told.

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