Monday, May 2, 2011

Author of Note: Michelle Griep

It’s a delight to have you as a guest on My Book Bag! I’m eager to get acquainted with Michelle Griep, author extraordinaire. :) But before we get started with that, my readers and I would like to know about you. Who is Michelle Griep, the gal next door?

I’m your neighbor who will bring over some warm chocolate chip cookies when I’ve baked a batch. When I have some spare time that is. Mostly I’m busy with teaching writing and history at a local homeschool co-op. Otherwise you can find me cleaning muddy paw prints off the carpet from my boxer, picking up the trail of destruction left behind by two teenagers and a 20-something, or walking one of the area lakes with my husband.

If you’re still finding or making time to walk with your husband, you’re doing something right! I’m fascinated by the storyline in your new release, Undercurrent. Tell us about it.

People go missing every day. Many meet with foul play, some leave the social grid by choice, but others are never accounted for. Such is the fate of successful linguistics professor Cassie Larson. She leads a life her undergrad students hope to attain, until she tumbles into the North Sea and is sucked into a swirling vortex…and a different century.

Alarik, son of a Viking chieftain, is blamed for a murder he didn’t commit—or did he? He can’t remember. On the run, saving a half-drowned foreign woman wasn’t in his plans.

Ragnar is a converted pagan shunned by many but determined to prove his Cousin Alarik’s innocence. He didn’t count on falling in love with Cassie or the deadly presence of evil that threatens his village in Alarik’s absence.

Well, you’ve got my attention! What was your inspiration for this book? Is there a message you hope your readers will glean from the storyline?

Who doesn’t struggle with forgiveness? Hopefully I’m not the only one. Undercurrent deals with the very real conflict of the sacrifice involved in the act of forgiving. After all that Jesus has forgiven us, can we—should we—do any less?

Beautifully said. Please share your favorite scene from Undercurrent.

The setting is a dark forest late into the small hours of the night. Hero Ragnar is leading Cassie, who freaks out about a wolf howling. Ragnar takes her hand, meets her gaze and says,
“I am well armed, Cassie. Think you I would lead you into danger? Even so, I pledge my protection.”

Once those words left my pen, it was like Jesus whispered the same to me. What a picture of His strong guidance and assurance. On days when I’m walking through scary darkness, how comforting it is to remember that He’s the One holding my hand.

I love that! What can we expect from you next?

I’d love to do a Viking sequel, if there’s enough outcry from readers. Otherwise, I’ve just finished a straight historical (no time travel involved). It’s a Regency era story involving an opium addict and a man who’s slowly going insane.

As a reader, do you have a favorite author? What three books are next in your TBR queue?

Wow. That’s a toughie. Contemporary picks are a tie between Tim Downs and Lisa Mangum. Classic is hands-down Charlotte Bronte.

Next three in my TBR are…

 Gravestone: A Novel (Solitary Tales Series book 2) by Travis Thrasher
 The Road to Vengeance (The Strongbow Saga, Book 3) by Judson Roberts
 Nick of Time by Tim Downs

Who (what human being) has been the greatest influence on your life, and why?

My kids. Talk about a refining fire. What kind of selfish monster would I be today without having laid down my life on the altar of motherhood?

As a mother, I can only say, “Amen!” Do you have a favorite verse of scripture? If so, what makes it special?

Psalm 121 (love the Living Bible translation best on this passage)
During a dark season in my life when everything slammed into me at once, pulverizing me to ground shards of glass, this chapter was my light and air.

What would readers be surprised to know about you?

I’m an introvert. If left to my own devices, I would live alone in a cave on the coast of England with reams of paper and boxes of G2 pens.

I can so relate—except I’d definitely want someone air-dropping food in to me once in awhile…I’m not much of a hunter or a fisherwoman.  What one piece of writing advice has most benefited you in your career?

Buy the book Self-Editing for Fiction Writers. Best writing book I own.

Where can readers find your books? Do you have a website, blog, etc.?

Visit my site at You can always purchase my books on Amazon, but my publishers carry them as well… Risen Books at or Black Lyon at .


Michelle’s been writing since she first discovered blank wall space and Crayolas. She seeks to glorify God in all that she writes…except for that graffiti phase she went through as a teenager. Find out more at


Michelle Griep said...

Thanks for allowing me the visit, Delia!

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Here she is...Yay, Michelle! I'm so happy for you.

Michelle Griep said...

Thanks for hosting me, Delia!

Delia Latham said...

You're welcome, Michelle - it's a pleasure having you!

Hi, Lisa!

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You're so cute when you're wearing your cheerleader outfit, Lisa! Thanks for the encouragement, chickie!