Monday, May 2, 2011

Notes in Review: A Face in the Clouds

(Note: This book is a one of White Rose Publishing's DOLLAR DOWNLOADS. It's a novelette - so an easy read that packs an amazing punch in just a few pages.)

Paul Hutchins does not want the assignment. He’s never been able to grasp the whole religion thing. Still, he agrees to cover “An Artist’s View of Salvation and Grace” at Woodland Church. Executive Producer Sandy Pierson’s faith is all-important to her, and Paul wants to give this lovely woman, at the very least, a nod of respect for that unapologetic, unwavering dedication.

He covers the artist missionary story, in short, because he loves Sandy. He’s aware that his lack of faith threatens their evolving relationship, because Sandy won’t share her life with a man who doesn’t love God. Paul’s heart is at risk, but the last thing he’s willing to do is pretend to “get it”—not even for Sandy.

At that special Easter service, Paul watches a gifted missionary chalk her heart and soul onto canvas. Within the lines of her stirring depiction of Calvary, something amazing, powerful, and life-changing unfolds….

A Face in the Clouds is a beautiful, stirring, unforgettable love story—the love between a man and a woman, and the unequaled love of the Savior. The artist in this story uses her God-given talent to depict scenes that stir hearts and speak to souls. Marianne Evans does that too—without a paintbrush or a piece of chalk. This author’s words are clearly derived from a solid foundation of prayer, dedication and a whole-hearted desire to touch readers with God’s love. Every word in this short story is delivered with powerful impact. Do yourself a favor and do not miss A Face in the Clouds.

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