Monday, May 2, 2011

Tornadoes...and a few GOOD Things

First things first.

I am beyond grateful to God for watching over our family during the recent rash of destructive tornadoes. Oklahoma was hit, but not in our community and not in our son’s. Texas was hit, but our daughter’s family wasn’t affected. I have a dear friend in Alabama, and she and her family were unharmed, as was their home, although they were right in the middle of the storm.

On the other hand, so many lives were lost or devastated by these disasters. Let’s not forget to pray for the survivors who are struggling to put their lives together, as well as the families of the victims. And since faith without works is dead, let’s also do whatever else each of us is capable of doing to help.

Next up…another reason to rejoice. At least, it is for me, and I hope it will be for you too.
  • Kylie’s Kiss released April 29!This is Book Two in my Solomon’s Gate series, which started with Destiny’s Dream. It is available for purchase through my publisher and most online booksellers. You may also order through your local book store—just give them my name (Delia Latham) and the title of the book (Kylie’s Kiss). If they ask for the publisher, it is White Rose Publishing. (Here’s a little sneak peek.)
  • For those of you who live in or around Bakersfield, California: Russo's Books (9000 Ming Ave., in the Marketplace) will host me at a book signing on Saturday, June 11, from 12:30 - 2:30 p.m. Do come by and say hello!
And now, on to this edition of the Bookshelf.
  • Spotlight author: Michelle Griep. Michelle is fun to chat with, and I know you’ll enjoy her comments.
  • Devotional: Jennifer Slattery. Jennifer always does an excellent job, and I appreciate her contribution this month. We all can relate to the frustration of detours, can’t we?
  • Writing tips: Eddie Snipes. Which writer hasn’t occasionally battled dealing with critiques of his or her work? I know I certainly have! Eddie’s tips on dealing with those sometimes pesky essentials of the writing life are right on target.
  • My book review: I always try to share a review from at least one of the books I read during the months between Bookshelf editions. This month, I’m posting my review of Marianne Evans’ A Face in the Clouds. It’s one of White Rose Publishing’s DOLLAR DOWNLOADS, but the value in this little story (it’s only 37 pages) is so much more than that! I was incredibly blessed by it. You will be, too—give it a try!
  • Contest: As always, I’ll be drawing a winner from subscribers to this newsletter. See the contest post for the current prize—it’s a two-fer! The winner of the last contest is also announced. Be sure to check it out…it could be you!
Happy Mother’s Day in advance to all of my readers who are moms—whether by giving birth, adoption, or simply in heart. Mothers are the best!
If the whole world were put into one scale, and my mother in the other, the whole world would kick the beam.—Henry Bickersteth


LuAnn said...

So glad you and your family were safe from the tornadoes, Delia. Having grown up in tornado alley, I know first-hand how frightening and dangerous they can be.

Donna B said...

Lovely post, Delia. I can't begin to tell you how anxious I am to read this one!

Delia Latham said...

Hi, LuAnn! I don't "see" you often enough these days. Thank you...I'm so grateful for God's protecting hand.

Donna, you're so sweet! I can't wait for you to read it either - and I look foward to reading Daffodils when my TBR queue stops looking so threatening! lol I've stopped taking any more reviews until I catch up, so hopefully it won't be long.