Monday, September 5, 2011

September and ACFW

September pounced on me right out of the blue! I'm finding it hard to believe it's already time for another newsletter…but I'm always glad to have the opportunity to share with my Bookshelf subscribers. :)

I'm excited about going to the ACFW Conference at the end of this month (September). I'm scared out of my mind about going to the ACFW Conference at the end of this month. I'm terribly nervous about going to the ACFW Conference at the end of this month. I'm GOING to the ACFW Conference at the end of this month!


I've wanted to go to this amazing writer's conference for the past five years, but…well, it is a bit costly. No, scratch that. It's quite costly! But my honey started this little savings a couple of years ago and informed me its purpose was to make it possible for me to attend an ACFW Conference. So…

I'm going to St. Louis!

We robbed the savings a little bit before we should have. If we'd kept going for one more year, the savings might have actually paid for all the conference expenses, but I really wanted to go this year, and my hubby decided it was time. What a guy!

OK. Enough already. Just let me say one last thing…I'M GOING TO THE ACFW CONFERENCE! WOOHOOOO! J

Now, for this month's newsletter. Good stuff for y'all!

  • ·         Our Spotlight Author is Victoria Burks. If you're familiar with her, you know she's a delightful person. If she's new to you, prepare yourself to be delighted.
  • ·         The devotion this time around comes from Tanya Eavenson. Her devotion was forwarded to me by Lisa Lickel. I'm glad she sent it, and I know you will be, as well. Tanya's devotion is aimed at writers, but can be applied to anybody, in any career—or any phase of life.
  • ·         Melissa Norris provided the writing tips for this edition of the Bookshelf. With the ACFW Conference coming up at the end of this month. (Oh, did I mention that I'm going?)  :) I think it's timely and appropriate.
  • ·         The featured book review is from a White Rose Publishing author, Donna B. Snow. I truly enjoyed Daffodils, and am happy to recommend it.
  • ·         Don't forget to check out the Contest Notes. Did you win the drawing from the last newsletter?
  • ·         An extra little treat for you…one of my original short stories. Enjoy!
 As always, feel free to leave your comments—the writers will love hearing from you, and of course I will, too.

Until next time...


JoAnn Durgin said...

Can't wait to give you a big hug at the ACFW! Blessings to you, and see you soon!

Delia Latham said...

I've already got my arms open for you, my friend! :)